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“100 Famous and Obscure Phobias and Obsessions” is an entertaining and disarming portrayal of anxieties, fears, terrors and insecurities as visual artwork. This initial edition identifies sourcing, examples and definitions of social anxiety, panic attack symptoms and eccentric behavior by symbolic photography. The 183-page digital book features over 170 images with simple and direct language.

Phobias, obsessions, panic attacks and social anxiety can be paralyzing, irrational, profoundly debilitating and not particularly amusing for those afflicted. While steering clear of malice and mockery, Vickers pictorial reference directory is humor and satire intended. His stated objectives include elevating the range of cocktail exchange vocabulary and informing readers which real or perceived maladies they may be suffering from.

“This edition will neither alter, nor cure phobic and obsessive behavior, “notes Vickers in his Preface.” It promises no tactical reinforcement skills, zero practical advice and is clinically useless. The contents may prove entertaining.”

His listings range from tangible terror such as savage animals, death, night insecurities and body extremities to more abstractive insecurities including symmetry, religion and the opinions of others. Most readers should find at least one appropriate category consistent with their beliefs. The photography spans over three decades of visual impressions extracted from the author’s travels and whimsical interpretations.

“An individual is not necessarily crazy or abnormal because of their fears and neuroses,” observes Vickers. They are merely human. Phobias, obsessions and their accompanying stressors and can be serious matters but are often universally shared. These perceptions need not paralyze you emotionally. A sense of acknowledgement and humor is sometimes the most affordable outlet for dealing with frightening, compulsive and sometimes irrational anxieties. An analyst’s hourly fee is not always a practical option.”

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California Figurative Sculptor and Abstract Expressionist Painter Marques Vickers specializes in life size Iconic Totem sculptures incorporating steel, wood and colorfully sealed surfaces inspired by Henry Moore, Jean Arp, Alberto Giacometti, Robert Arneson, Manuel Neri and Constantin Brancusi for international art collectors, corporate facility and municipal public art sites