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”Flamenco Jondo” is a fifteen-year synthesis of figurative action paintings by Northern California artist Marques Vickers. Forty-eight paintings paired with his short story “Beauty Strolls the Ramblas of Figueras” comprise this stunning edition of visual passion and transitional dance movements. The cante flamenco translates into flamenco song, and is one of the three components of flamenco, along with toque (playing the guitar) and baile (dance). Because the dancer is spotlighted in a performance, many assume the dance is the most important aspect of the art form. In truth, the cante is the substance of the genre. A cante singer is a canaor.

The cante flamenco is part of the musical tradition steeped within the Andalusian region of southern Spain. Flamenco songs may be categorized into varying divisions but Jondo remains the deepest form. This intensely sad form of cante deals with themes of death, anguish, despair, or religious sentiments and may be sung without guitar accompaniment. The purpose of Vickers’ works is to express the profound emotion expressed and sensed by the audience during a Flamenco performance. By lifting and releasing static movement and focusing on transitional position shifts, the transference of energy elevates the soul of the performer and audience. One absorbs the innate mysterious silence imposed by the dancer’s well-executed dance sequence.

Marques Vickers’ works have been exhibited internationally in art galleries, exhibitions and are part of numerous public and private collections. Praise for his work has come from diverse and numerous sources.

“Like snapshots in time the figures are captured either in contorted positions as they dance or while relaxing as they regain their strength. Yet, they all hold that spark of life that makes the difference in good work. Unquestionably these are living people, filled with energy and a real lust for life, even when in repose.” Décor and Style Magazine

  "The finished works are not in themselves portraits of woman but rather symbolic representations of femininity. These women figures exude strength, whether its is exhibited in transitional dance movements or in a provocative straightforward look. They are not women to be exploited rather respected for the passionate depths they represent and exude." Contra Costa Times

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