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“Nature as Art: Two”, is a photographic edition of northern California artist Marques Vickers’ works The second volume in the Nature as Art series offers a unique comparison between landscape and natural topographic photo images and the abstractive paintings of Vickers. The distinctions between photorealism and abstraction often blur upon direct evaluation. Over 140+ images depict natural images and the painter’s navigation with the currents of color. The artist’s observations about the creative procession are noted in the book’s preface:

“The co-mingling of non-objective painting and the concise symmetry of nature creates a woven fabric the eye instantly recognizes as artistic pure expression. Paint is an artificial replicant of what the eye innately perceives. The painter manipulates his medium in an attempt to acquire equilibrium that nature creates effortlessly.

Painting becomes an exercise of learning how to see and to interpret. With experience an artist may secure periodic victories on canvas. Yet our finished work often feels as if we compromised with the ongoing conflict and simply learned when to remove ourselves from the canvas. We renew the battle on a daily basis.

Nature will always prevail upon comparison.”  

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