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"VISIONS OF NEO-URBANIA: The Reinvention of Contemporary Metropolitan Vertical Living and Commerce"

An architectural collection of Northern California artist Marques Vickers’ photography. The 100+ images portrayed within the edition serve as glimpses of urban constructions drawn from diverse American cities including Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, San Luis Obispo, Tacoma, San Antonio and San Jose. Each portrays a random glimpse of the metropolitan landscape showcasing component elements.


Urbania historically refers to one born of a city. From a municipal development perspective, urbania is defined as the gradient overlap between traditional downtowns and suburban environments. Our city centers are being reenergized globally. They have become the beneficiaries of a suburban exodus and a fresh appreciation towards the lifestyle amenities a more self-contained environment can offer. Their architectural aesthetics exhibit a cohesive alchemy of metals, concrete, stone and glass.

The term Neo-Urbania Adendrobium is also classified as a Central American species of orchid. Fleshy leaves, dark sheaths and a rough whitish tint characterize this floral strain. Orchids exude sensuality and a concentrated sense of bilateral symmetry, beauty and spirituality.

The assemblages of elevated urban skylines heighten from a distance into bold expressions seemingly reaching towards the firmament. The greatest design talent and movements have traditionally gravitated towards city centre constructions projects. Legacies and reputations have been established and reinforced by the ongoing views and evaluation of public scrutiny.

It becomes irrelevant to conclude whether the evolution of our urban cores is in fact novelty or simply reinvention. Neo-Urbania may merely be a fresh guise. City centres have historically served as magnets for ambition, innovation and change.

As with the stunning beauty of the orchid, sound aesthetics ultimately evades the temporal whims of fashion.

Will our contemporary architecture sustain such a level of appreciation in the future?

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