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The Stunning Visual Surprises of the San Antonio Riverwalk is a collection of over 45 photographs taken by California artist Marques Vickers showcasing the gorgeous concurrence of waterways intermingled within an urban center. The Riverwalk, also known as Paseo de Rio is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of downtown San Antonio, Texas lined by bars, shops and restaurants. The River Walk is an important part of the city’s urban fabric and a tourist attraction with numerous visual surprises.

The Riverwalk concept was not initially popular with the local population. It became a creation of necessity.In September 1921, the San Antonio River flooded causing 50 fatalities and caused massive destruction. The ultimate solution involved constructing the Olmos Dam to bypass a prominent bend in the river of the downtown area.

Over the subsequent decade, various proposals were submitted and partially began. A 1938 bond issue was passed and San Antonio native and architect Robert Hugman began work on the overall master renovation. The project was located in a very dangerous section of town. Hugman’s vision ultimately persevered and today’s community, tourism and design enthusiasts have profited.

Acclaim is still not universal locally. The water itself is filthy and the accumulated muddy bottoms and silt deposits make permanent cleaning nearly impossible. Yet overall the San Antonio Riverwalk is a work of art admired by most for its distinctive signature and appeal, one, which many cities would rightfully envy.

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