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“THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SELLING ART ONLINE" An Invaluable Artist Reference Edition

The second edition of author Marques Vickers’ The Ultimate Guide To Selling Art Online is a concise reference source for artists enabling creative entrepreneurs to maximize the expanding sales capabilities of the Internet. This edition details important exposure strategies, existing and emerging sales opportunities and valuable promotional outlets. Over 500 useful reference websites are provided referencing art marketing, website design, sales and promotion outlets.

This Ultimate Art Guide stresses the importance and urgency of cultivating a vibrant social media presence via active postings and participation with content, social networking and weblog websites. These activities supplement an artist website with videos, feedback capabilities and resources to cultivate new and return buyers. The book stresses the importance of personalization and an artist’s articulation of their creative vision.

Practical advice and supplementary consulting sources are offered on every aspect of website design, effective promoting through media exposure, direct mail and the cultivation of a potential and existing client base to establish long-term sustainability.

Concrete and instructive sales advice is provided on the most direct online sources available today for artists including online art galleries, eBay, Amazon and Etsy marketplace stores, auction houses, design industry outlets and barter exchanges. A chapter stresses alternative income sources including giclée reproductions and licensed art images.


Preface: The Online Revolution Continues

The History of Internet Sales
What Art Selling Outlets Are Profiting By Online Sales
The New Gallery Business Model For Selling Online
Specific Online Changes Over the Past Decade
The Shifting Balance of Power Between Artist and Seller
The New Role Changes Between Artist and Art Gallery
Breaking Into The Art World’s Closed Circle
Global Selling Opportunities


Chapter #1 A Fresh Dependency and Integration of Social Media

What is Social Media?
Three Primary Factors That Maximize Social Media Reach
How to Personalize Social Media Follow-Up
The Three Categories of Social Media Best Suited For Artists
Content Community Websites
Social Networking Websites
Non-English Language Social Network Websites
Weblog Websites
The Frailties and Fallacies Behind Being Liked
Abusing the Numbers
The Laws of Online Survival        
 Automating All of Your Social Media Outlets Together

Chapter #2 An Artist’s Website

Attractive Packaging
Your Role in Creating The Design Concept
Third Party Designers
Designing Your Own Website
Personalize Your Website
Exhibit Your Artwork Images
Limitations of Display Monitors
Image Terminology
Make Certain That Your Entire Index Page Loads Within Four Seconds
Evaluating Your Website Host
Technical Support
Set Up Fee/Monthly Fee
Hard Drive/Space
Uploading File and FTP Access
Common Gateway Interface Additions
E-mail Boxes and Pop 3 Aliases
Other Considerations
Memorable Domain Name
Why Control Your Domain Name
Clarity of Vision
Layout Harmony
Make Your Site Simple to Navigate
Attaching Visual and Audio Clips
Global Considerations
Protecting Your Online Images
Encryption Software
How The Cellular Phone and Tablet Revolution Affects Website Layouts
The Most Important Layout Design Distinctions
Present and Future Advantages of Mobile Designed Websites

Chapter #3 Drawing Traffic To Your Social Media Pages and Website

Qualifying Your Website Viewers
Search Engines and Indexes
Where and How Often Should You Submit Your Website Pages
Paying For Search Engine Submissions
Reciprocal Links and Website Rankings
Web Beacons
Buying Traffic and Ad Words Programs
Overpaying For Non-Buying Traffic
Electronic Magazines

Chapter #4 Cultivating Media Exposure and Email Marketing

Strategies For Sending Out Press Releases
Bulk Email Press Release
Third Party SMTP Bulk Email Services
Pitching Your Story
Specific Media Submission Guidelines
When Should You Publicize Yourself?
Press Release Services
Purchasing Mailing and/or Media Lists
Direct Mail and Permission Based Email Selling Lists
Long Term Objectives For Direct Mail
Integrating Direct Mail With Email

Chapter #5 Alternative Income Sources

Giclée Print Technology
Giclée Production Process
Large Format Inkjet Printers
Licensing Opportunities
Legal Considerations With Licensing
Greeting Cards

Chapter #6 Who Buys Art? Online Art Gallery Sales Outlets

Identifying Primary Buyer Groups
Repeat Art Buyers
Art Galleries (For Artists)
Hotels and Restaurants
Interior Decorators/Designers
Corporations and Local Businesses
Advertising Agencies
Architects/Real Estate/Property Managers/Builders/Developers
Public Agency Commissions

Chapter #7 Selling Via eBay, Etsy and Amazon Marketplaces

eBay Auctions and Merchant Stores
Etsy Merchant Stores
Amazon Marketplace Stores

Chapter #8 Consigning and Selling Through Auction Houses

Who They Represent
The Process of Consigning
Seller’s Reserve
Appraisal Days
Itemized Reporting
Payment to Consigners and the Rate of Seller’s Premium
Growing Role of Auction Houses

Chapter #9 Barter Exchanges and Cashless Transactions

Trading Fine Art
Internet-based Barter
Trade Dollars
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Taxation of Barter Transactions
Joining A Barter Exchange

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