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"Coffee Anarchists of the World Unite: The Italian Roasted Elixirs of Tacoma, Washington”

The edition is a photographic depiction of coffee obsession. Over 65 images portray the beauty and aesthetics elicited by this roasted alchemic infusion.

Tacoma is a unique and sometimes gritty port community bordering Washington State’s Puget Sound region. It lacks the cultural character and variety of nearby Seattle and the glossy veneer of Bellevue. The city often exhibits a crusty exterior profile coating an even crustier interior. Tacoma is common sense and concrete with stray but striking dandelions sprouting amidst the cracks. Despite it’s lack of polish, the city has a thriving independent coffee house base. There is minimal pretense and a certain informality and comfort level resembling the author’s northern California blue-collar roots.

Vickers’ images mirror a gourmet celebration of a former delicacy that has evolved into a necessity.


To understand the splendor, passion and complexity behind Italian roast obsessions, one begins with the essential vernacular. The term Cappuccino translates from its Italian origins as Little Cap. It was descriptively employed towards the monks of Capuchin and their distinctive coffee colored hooded cloaks and shaved heads. Today, the remnant of the sect remains in bygone burial in caverns underneath Santa Maria Della Concezione Dei Cappuccini church in Rome.

Two other common but important coffee terms include Latte and Crema. Latte simply translates as milk and Crema as crème. Crown would be a more suitable moniker.

Crema is the thin caramel layer of foam that radiates atop the surface of espresso. Crema is the elixir, which separates alchemy from consumable hot beverage. Properly composed into minute concentrated bubbles, it dissipates amidst initial sips. Its role is essentially to prepare the palette portal for the espresso/coffee blend to follow.

There remains dispute amongst coffee appreciation purists as to whether the Crema or the density of the bean grinding ultimately influences the quality of taste most.

The discussion is of negligible importance. Both parties and elements are accurate.

Italian roasted coffee beans radiate pitch ebony burnt tones resembling dark chocolate. The smoky edged Turkish coloration stimulates robust flavors. This stout essence will overwhelm most popular consumer oriented limpid taste preferences. Italian roast coffee preferences are savored without excuse or contrition.

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