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"The Architectural Elevation of Technology"

“The Architectural Elevation of Technology” is a photographic survey of 75 prominent Silicon Valley corporate headquarters buildings. The 134-page edition is photographed and authored by California artist Marques Vickers.

The geographical territory included with the book is framed to the north by Redwood City and extended to the south until Cupertino. Corporate headquarters are included within the cities of Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Menlo Park, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Milpitas and Fremont. Notable structures include the Oracle, Samsung and the Apple 2 campus, currently under construction. Background is provided on each building’s history and when each present tenant began their occupancy.

“The photo project’s motivation was based on my curiosity as to the public face of the information technology sector,” notes Vickers. “Did the more prominent companies mirror the aesthetic polish of their online renown and presence? Would their architecture reflect the affluence and prosperity many of these industry icons have come to represent?”

“Silicon Valley technology parks, corporate campuses and headquarters appear indistinguishable from other more traditional office construction. Their appearance is generally consistent with contemporary design trends favoring reflective glass framed by steel and masonry.”

 Vickers observes in his accompanying commentary several distinctive traits regarding high-tech constructions. Among those include decentralized layouts, lack of streetfront parking and the significant shielding of inside views by landscaped trees and foliage.

“The true innovation and resources appear to have been concentrated on interior space management schematics and novelty design.” Vickers adds, “The intention is purposeful. By creating a playful and aesthetic interior environment for employees, many are inclined and stimulated to spend significant additional hours on work-related projects in the facility. Social bondings are encouraged, creating a synergy of professional comradery. Working hours assimilate into lifestyle preferences.”

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AcertaPharma (Redwood City)

Adobe Systems (San Jose)

Alphabet (Formerly Google) (Mountain View)

AOL (Palo Alto)

Apple, Incorporated (Cupertino)

Applied Materials (Santa Clara)

Arista Networks (Santa Clara)

ARM (San Jose)

Avaya (Santa Clara)

Box, Incorporated (Redwood City)

Broadcom Limited (San Jose)

Brocade Communications Systems (San Jose)

Cavium (San Jose)

Cisco Systems, Incorporated (San Jose)

Citrix (Santa Clara)

Complete Genomics (Mountain View)

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (San Jose)

eBay (San Jose)

Energous Corporation (San Jose)

eHealth, Incorporated (Mountain View)

elo Touch Systems (Milpitas)

Exar Corporation (Fremont)

Facebook (Menlo Park)

Flextronics USA (San Jose)

Good Technology (Sunnyvale)

HealthTap (Palo Alto)

Harmonic Lightwaves (San Jose)

Hewlett Packard (Palo Alto)

Immersion Corporation (San Jose)

Imperva (Redwood City)

Infineon Technologies (Milpitas)

Intel (Santa Clara)

Intuit (Mountain View)

Intuitive Surgical (Sunnyvale)

iPass (Redwood City)

Jazz Pharmaceuticals (Palo Alto)

Juniper Networks (Sunnyvale)

Lam Research Corporation (San Jose) (Mountain View)

Mapr (San Jose)

Maxim Integrated (San Jose)

Mozilla (Mountain View)

Net App (Sunnyvale)

Nevro (Redwood City)

Nvidia (Santa Clara)

Objectivity (San Jose)

Omnicell (Mountain View)

OmniVision (Santa Clara)

Open-Silicon Incorporated (Milpitas)

Oracle (Redwood City)

Palo Alto Networks (Santa Clara)

Paypal (San Jose)

Perfect World Entertainment (Redwood City)

Polycom (San Jose)

Proteus (Redwood City)

Qualys (Redwood City)

Quotient Technology, Inc. ( (Mountain View)

Rambus (Sunnyvale)

Saba Software (Redwood City)

Samsung Electronics USA (San Jose)

SanDisk (Milpitas)

Seagate Technology (Cupertino)

Shutterfly (Redwood City)

Silicon Graphics International (Milpitas)

Skype (Palo Alto)

Space Systems/Loral (Palo Alto)

SurveyMonkey (Palo Alto)

Symantec Corporation (Mountain View)

Synopsy (Mountain View)

Talend (Redwood City)

TangoMe, Incorporated (Mountain View)

TiVo (San Jose)

Trion Worlds (Redwood City)

Yahoo! (Sunnyvale)

Zscaler (San Jose)

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