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"The Coastal River Bridges of Oregon"

Marques Vickers’ “The Coastal River Bridges of Oregon” is a photographic survey of 23 bridges spanning the major waterway rivers and creeks that dominate the western region of the state. Several of these distinctive crossings are premier examples of Modernist architecture design. Most prominently featured in the edition are the works of internationally recognized bridge designer Conde McCullough. Vickers’s essay on McCullough entitled “Scaling Above the Currents With Elegance” traces the trajectory of his life and professional career. McCullough is noteworthy for his completion of hundreds of design projects with twelve listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The most traveled of his bridges were completed between the 1919-1936, when he headed the bridge design division of the Oregon Department of Transportation. CONTINUED

"The Architecture of Seattle's Historic Prostitution Trade"


“The Architecture of Seattle’s Historic Prostitution Trade” is a photographic examination of 48 documented and probable buildings employed in Seattle’s historical sex commerce. The 245-page edition illuminates the historical background, building detailing and known anecdotes behind each structure. The principal Seattle red-light neighborhoods include the Pioneer Square and the Ballard districts. The infamous LaSalle Hotel in Pike Place Market and the former Lester Apartment complex located on Beacon Hill round out the compilation. The 500-unit Lester building was once considered the largest operating brothel in the world. Seattle’s wide-open frontier environment in the late 19th century stimulated a proliferation of vice related services including gambling houses, saloons and houses of prostitution. Statutes were loosely enforced, law enforcement corruption rampant and the tax revenues levied against brothels and sex workers essential to maintaining a financially destitute municipality. CONTINUED

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"The Golden Age of Helena Montana Architecture"

The most distinguishing remnant from the 1860s Montana Gold Rush remains Helena’s striking and statuesque architecture mirroring the prosperity of the era. The concentration of wealth proved unprecedented within both the community and Montana territory. Marques Vickers “The Golden Age of Helena Architecture” illustrates the preserved diversity and beauty of the city’s commercial, residential districts, picturesque churches, attractions and historical background that distinguishes Montana state capital city. In 1888, approximately fifty millionaires inhabited Helena, elevating its status as the highest concentration of wealth per capita within the United States. Such eminence and prosperity were doomed by the characteristics of the source and by the continued expansion and development of the West. CONTINUED

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"Desolate Barns of the American West: Abandoned Institutions of Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana"

“Desolate Barns of the American West” is a photographic celebration of abandoned barns and silos located in rural Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Author and photographer Marques Vickers’ 200+ images spotlight 56 structures set amidst a backdrop of panoramic mountain, turbulent river and sagebrush flatlands. Vickers’ work was motivated by a Spring 2017 excursion into the profiled states.

The focus of Vickers’ photography is to isolate the abandoned and frequently decaying remnants of a uniquely national architecture treasure. The author stresses in his preface that barns and silos represents a truer icon of the American rural tradition than film and media portrayed frontier and cowboy culture. CONTINUED

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"The Red-Light District of Butte Montana: The Decadence and Dissolution Of A Local Institution

Marques Vickers’ “Red-Light District of Butte Montana” is an intimate photo examination of the infamous sex trade once nationally recognized during the late 19th and early 20th century. Over 135 current photographs document the remnants of the famed Copper mining town’s prostitution core. Vickers’ work details historical anecdotes, narratives on colorful personages and perspective on an era when prostitution was locally institutionalized. CONTINUED

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"NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COASTAL BRIDGES: Picturesque and Distinctive Spans"

Author and photographer Marques Vickers explores and photographs twenty unique bridges in his “Northern California Coastal Bridges: Picturesque and Distinctive Spans”. The photographic edition is the first in a series of three Pacific Coast profiles highlighting unique and distinguished steel, stone and concrete fabricated structures. The book features diverse vehicle, railroad and pedestrian crossings stretched along coastal Northern California. Over 130 images capture a variety of perspectives and construction details. CONTINUED

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"HISTORIC SEATTLE ARCHITECTURE: The Aesthetic Alchemy of Ambiance and Chaos"

“Historic Seattle Architecture” is author and photographer Marques Vickers’ illustrated edition of the city’s most prominent high-rise constructions built between 1890-1930. Over 250 photographs document over 125 historical structures establishing a visual profile and economic time capsule of Seattle’s early economic legacy. The edition portrays some of the most influential downtown constructions including the Smith and Seattle Towers, Washington Mutual Triangle, Coliseum Theatre and the Interurban, Arctic, Dexter Horton, and Pioneer Buildings. Photographs from multiple perspectives accentuate distinctive architectural traits and detailing. CONTINUED

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“Death of a Post Office: The Bruised Legacy of Architect William H. Corlett"

“Death of a Post Office: The Bruised Legacy of Architect William H. Corlett” details the abrupt 2014 closure and aftermath of the Franklin Street Post Office in Napa, California. The Art Deco style building, constructed in 1933 sustained significant structural damage during the August 23rd Napa earthquake closing the facility to public access and mail sorting operations. CONTINUED

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“John D. Parkinson: Eternally Elevating the Los Angeles Skyline"

In his book “John D. Parkinson: Eternally Elevating the Los Angeles Skyline”, author Marques Vickers examines the architect’s life and creative legacy. Parkinson is noted for his iconic Los Angeles landmarks. His most recognized works include the Los Angeles City Hall, Memorial Coliseum, Union Station, Bullock’s Wilshire and the nucleus of USC’s campus. Vickers photographs thirty-six of his standing projects and provides background details on their origins and design. CONTINUED

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“Downtown Seattle: The Contemporary Skyline"

Photographer Marques Vickers has captured over 250 architectural images from over 110 commercial development projects that form the nucleus of Seattle’s downtown district. “Downtown Seattle: The Contemporary Skyline” is the fourth volume in the Vertical Washington series documenting the state’s dynamic skyline growth. The heightening of the downtown Seattle skyline mirrors the prosperity and expansion of the high technology and bio-med business core.  Historically the Seattle regional economy has been diversified with Boeing its most visible institution. Tech growth has accelerated the demands for office space, parking, residential housing and transportation solutions. Aggressive development has resulted in soaring rents, congestion and extreme gridlock. CONTINUED

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"Vladimir Putin and Dresden Germany: The Genesis of Myth Making"

Author and Photographer Marques Vickers examines a propaganda story introduced by Russian President Vladimir Putin crediting himself with single-handedly defusing a hostile East German crowd intent on ransacking the Dresden KGB offices in 1989. Vickers’ book “Vladimir Putin and Dresden, Germany: The Genesis of Myth Making”, recounts the narrative, first related in Putin’s published memoirs “First Person” (2000) and later embellished in a 2009 broadcast via a Russian national television documentary. CONTINUED.

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"The Berlin Wall: Over 25 Years After Fall"

 Tracking the Remnant from the Wedding District to the Oberbaum Bridge

If you are planning to visit Berlin, one of the most unconventional and fascinating tours should include tracing the path of the historic Berlin Wall.

Author and photographer Marques Vickers takes you on a detailed visual tour with his book “The Berlin Wall: Over 25 Years After Fall”. The 205-page edition showcases the changes, constructions and alterations to the terrain that for thirty-eight years divided Berlin. His 325 photographs intimately detail the core of the city’s center, commencing from the northern Wedding district to southern Oberbaum Bridge. Concise commentary illuminates the background of prominent structures, memorials and historical events. CONTINUED

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"Vertical Bellevue, Washington: Architecture Above a Boomburb Skyline"

“Photographer Marques Vickers has captured over 125 stunning images from thirty-two commercial and residential high-rise projects that constitute the nucleus of Bellevue, Washington’s downtown core. His edition “Vertical Bellevue: Architecture Above a Boomburb Skyline” aesthetically documents the contemporary construction vision evolving along the eastern shores of Lake Washington. The photographic edition is Vickers’ third in his Vertical Washington series of architecture books. CONTINUED

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“LAKE UNION: The Public Face of Prosperity"  

The edition features over 160 stunning images from thirty-five commercial development projects that shape the nucleus of Seattle’s downtown Lake Union district. “Lake Union: The Public Face of Prosperity” is the initial volume in the Vertical Seattle series intended to document the city’s dynamic skyline growth. The heightening of the downtown Seattle skyline mirrors the prosperity and expansion of the business core. This change in complexion is most evident along the shoreline of Lake Union, a freshwater passage contained entirely within Seattle’s city limits. CONTINUED

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Reinventing Broadway Street: Los Angeles' Architectural Reincarnation

“Reinventing Broadway Street: Los Angeles’ Architectural Reincarnation“ is California author Marques Vickers’ second celebratory pictorial edition recounting the evolution and transformation of one of downtown Los Angeles’ primary boulevards. The 215-page book features over 200 exterior photographs of the structures with their architectural details that line the blocks of North and South Broadway Street in the center of downtown Los Angeles. The book traces colorful legends, anecdotes and landmarks that preceded current standing constructions. CONTINUED

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"The Architectural Elevation of Technology"

“The Architectural Elevation of Technology” is a photographic survey of 75 prominent Silicon Valley corporate headquarters buildings. The 134-page edition is photographed and authored by California artist Marques Vickers. The geographical territory included with the book is framed to the north by Redwood City and extended to the south until Cupertino. Corporate headquarters are included within the cities of Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Menlo Park, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Milpitas and Fremont. Notable structures include the Oracle, Samsung and the Apple 2 campus, currently under construction. Background is provided on each building’s history and when each present tenant began their occupancy. CONTINUED

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"The Glass Curtain Architecture of Bellevue, Washington"

 “The Glass Curtain Architecture of Bellevue, Washington”features over 120 photographic images captured by artist Marques Vickers portray the predominantly glass surfaced multi-level constructions in Bellevue. Straddling Lake Washington and connected to urban Seattle by two floating bridges, Bellevue is considered an Eastside boomburg (booming suburb). The contemporary city features a clustered downtown concentration of high-rise glass skinned office and commercial structures. CONTINUED

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“Eternal Spring Street: Los Angeles’ Architectural Reincarnation“

“Eternal Spring Street: Los Angeles’ Architectural Reincarnation“ is California author Marques Vickers’ celebratory pictorial edition recounting the evolution and transformation of one of downtown Los Angeles’ primary boulevards. The 178-page book features over 115 exterior photographs of buildings and architectural details that line the blocks of North and South Spring Street. The book traces colorful legends, anecdotes and landmarks that preceded current standing constructions. CONTINUED

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"VISIONS OF NEO-URBANIA: The Reinvention of Contemporary Metropolitan Vertical Living and Commerce"

An architectural collection of Northern California artist Marques Vickers’ photography. The 100+ images portrayed within the edition serve as glimpses of urban constructions drawn from diverse American cities including Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, San Luis Obispo, Tacoma, San Antonio and San Jose. Each portrays a random glimpse of the metropolitan landscape showcasing component elements. CONTINUED

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UNDER THE SKIN OF THE ARCHITECT: Exposing the Builder's Framing Bones

“Under The Skin of the Architect: Exposing the Builder’s Framing Bones” is a pictorial showcase of the steel framing and construction phases involved with the Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall completed in October, 2003 in downtown Los Angeles. Photographer Marques Vickers captures images of the construction stages between 2001 and 2003 showcasing the bent steel girder framework, which formed the structural bones of the building. Gehry’s signature layer of titanium panels establishing the masterpiece project as a definitive creative icon for the early 21st century completed the framework. CONTINUED

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“Ruined Castles and Phantom Memories” is a pictorial edition of artist Marques Vickers photography featuring the remnants and remains of Middle Age castles in southern France within the Languedoc region. The principal fortresses photographed include the Cathar Castles Peyrepertuse, Queribus and Chateau de Thermes and the Abbey of Saint Hilary. CONTINUED

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