“Nature as Art: Two”, is a photographic edition of northern California artist Marques Vickers’ works The second volume in the Nature as Art series offers a unique comparison between landscape and natural topographic photo images and the abstractive paintings of Vickers. The distinctions between photorealism and abstraction often blur upon direct evaluation. Over 140+ images depict natural images and the painter’s navigation with the currents of color. CONTINUED

"THE DISAPPEARING WOMEN: The Figurative Paintings, Sculpture and Writings of Marques Vickers"

“The Disappearing Women” is a visual exhibition of California artist and writer Marques Vickers figurative paintings and sculptures created between 1998-2014. Over 75 artworks are showcased along with four short stories authored by Vickers. The four short stories address the complexities of sustaining relationships and chronicle narratives involving women who have disappeared from the author’s life. As Vickers notes in his preface “Love may simply be a four-letter word but relationships require more syllables and certainly greater complexity.” CONTINUED


”Flamenco Jondo” is a fifteen-year synthesis of figurative action paintings by Northern California artist Marques Vickers. Forty-eight paintings paired with his short story “Beauty Strolls the Ramblas of Figueras” comprise this stunning edition of visual passion and transitional dance movements. The cante flamenco translates into flamenco song, and is one of the three components of flamenco, along with toque (playing the guitar) and baile (dance). Because the dancer is spotlighted in a performance, many assume the dance is the most important aspect of the art form. In truth, the cante is the substance of the genre. A cante singer is a canaor. CONTINUED

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Flamenco Jondo: Figurative Paintings of Marques Vickers
Time: 4 Minutes

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