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“Death of a Post Office: The Bruised Legacy of Architect William H. Corlett"

“Death of a Post Office: The Bruised Legacy of Architect William H. Corlett” details the abrupt 2014 closure and aftermath of the Franklin Street Post Office in Napa, California. The Art Deco style building, constructed in 1933 sustained significant structural damage during the August 23rd Napa earthquake closing the facility to public access and mail sorting operations. CONTINUED

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The 2014 Napa Earthquake and Anniversary Aftermath

“The 2014 Napa Earthquake and Anniversary Aftermath” is author/photographer Marques Vickers fourth and latest photographic chronicle of the damage and reparations resulting from the August 24, 2014 Napa Valley Earthquake. Beginning from the day following the earthquake, Vickers has successively photographed the most affected historical buildings on five spaced occasions within the city’s historic core. This one-year anniversary edition, features nearly 200 images providing a comparative time sequence documenting the restoration process.

Among the profiled buildings include the Alexandria Hotel Annex, Andaz Hotel, Franklin Post Office, Sam Kee Laundry, First Presbyterian and First Methodist Churches, Winship-Smernes Building, Napa Law Center, Goodman Library, Napa Firefighters Museum and territory encompassing the ambitious Napa Center retail development. Detailed commentary is included citing architectural origins, history and local significance.

Damage from the unprecedented 6.0. Magnitude earthquake has been estimated to have already exceeded $500 million and expenditures continue to mount. The majority to damage sustained by the historical buildings has been attributed to unreinforced masonry. Some of the buildings that had been retrofitted were still damaged when the shaking crumbled the century old mortar, loosening and tossing suddenly detached masonry.The anniversary photographic edition is a remarkable visual insight into a community’s resiliency and ability to rebuild. The images showcase how Napa has overcome the adversity of an unprecedented disaster.

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The Reconstruction of Downtown Napa Following the 2014 Napa Valley Earthquake
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