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California artist Marques Vickers’ second poetic edition “Zen By Default” establishes a sustained interior dialogue between the poet and his ongoing life evolution living along the American Pacific Coast. His 300+ concise works address the ongoing themes of displacement and relocation and the challenge of cultivating and sustaining relationships in the midst of upheaval. CONTINUED 

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“UNICORNS AND DARK CHOCOLATE: Eros, Aphrodesia and Existence"

The poetry of Northern California artist Marques Vickers explores the inspirations behind eros, aphrodesia and existence in his 300+ poem compilation recorded over thirty-five years. “I spend my life ripping the skin off of words, exploring and hoping…” Succinct expression capsules Northern California artist Marques Vickers’ poetic work “Unicorns and Dark Chocolate” Vickers sheds the mythological orientations behind his own formation into a cohesive exploration of inspiration and eroticism. As he the painter must lift his brush to express visually, he the poet must elevate language beyond the evident and obvious. (CONTINUED)

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