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"The Twilight Tree Graveyard of Rialto Beach"

“The Twilight Tree Graveyard of Rialto Beach” features over 105 photographic images capturing the stacked bleached tree lined shorelines and bordering forest. Rialto Beach’s shoreline is the most distinctive and scenic of five La Push, Washington regional beaches. The region is home to the Native American Quileute Nation, renowned for a folklore descending from wolf tribalism.

Author Stephanie Meyer incorporated this ancient mythology into a popular book and film fantasy compilation entitled the Twilight Series. She injected the culturally popular themes of vampires and werewolves into the story lines. In Meyer’s work, the Vampire community has staked out the adjacent town of Forks and the Werewolves, nearby La Push. One of her primary characters, Jacob Black is a Quileute with the propensity to transform himself into a werewolf.

Tourists and readers have invaded the region hoping to pinpoint the literary icons with their actual physical reference locations. Movie viewers are frequently disappointed. The actual filming was completed in Oregon and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Rialto Beach features the stark duality between darkness and light highlighted by the phantom ghost trees that line its shores and layer its sands. The severe vision mirrors a contrast between life and death. The bulk of the adjacent forest pulsates with lush growth. The trees fronting the forward fringe slowly capitulate towards their intended destiny. Their skeletal remains resemble phantom monoliths awaiting a nemesis of death and decay. A subsequent generation of growth nudges them annually closer to oblivion.

The graveyard forests stretch across ebony and silted sands. The purification of their carcasses is accelerated by the scathing winds and inhospitable waves scrapping bark bare and bleaching color absolutely. Each tree becomes honed, polished and smoothed until ultimately broken and disposable. Periodic lightening strikes enflame the vulnerable mounds. Twisted and gnarled rootstock accentuates texture, punctuated by gaping holes and splintering surfaces.

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The Twilight Tree Graveyard of Rialto Beach
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