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“102 Satirical Photographic Ironies: Subtle to Subversive"

Irony and subtlety enable proper satire. The shrewder and more subversive the message, the greater the likelihood it will be misunderstood or unappreciated.

Photographer, author and social satirist Marques Vickers has compiled a series of comparative images and commentary in his edition “102 Satirical Photographic Ironies: Subtle to Subversive”. The photographic compositions are laid out to resemble contemporary advertisements. CONTINUED

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“Living with anxiety, panic disorders or phobias can make you feel as though you don’t have full control of your life. For the uninformed or those delusionally self-absorbed, there is little question that we are absolutely not in control. Life and aging often resemble bouts of insomnia laced by dreams that spiral beyond our grasp. An attempt to command and control our chaos is laudable but largely illusionary. Since statistics confirm that none of us ultimately escape life alive, one of our best coping mechanisms is to substitute humor for terror, correctness and emotional paralysis. This tactic becomes a sound Fair Trade Exchange policy and is complimentary priced. Our phobias and obsessions may seem strange or unacceptable to others, but we have not invited them into our dreams or nightmares. CONTINUED 

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“100 Famous and Obscure Phobias and Obsessions” is an entertaining and disarming portrayal of anxieties, fears, terrors and insecurities as visual artwork. This initial edition identifies sourcing, examples and definitions of social anxiety, panic attack symptoms and eccentric behavior by symbolic photography. The 183-page digital book features over 170 images with simple and direct language. Phobias, obsessions, panic attacks and social anxiety can be paralyzing, irrational, profoundly debilitating and not particularly amusing for those afflicted. While steering clear of malice and mockery, Vickers pictorial reference directory is humor and satire intended. His stated objectives include elevating the range of cocktail exchange vocabulary and informing readers which real or perceived maladies they may be suffering from. “This edition will neither alter, nor cure phobic and obsessive behavior, “notes Vickers in his Preface.” It promises no tactical reinforcement skills, zero practical advice and is clinically useless. The contents may prove entertaining.” CONTINUED

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